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Welcome to Bahasa Saya.

PS: “Bahasa Saya” (ba-ha-sa sa-ya) is an Indonesian term, means My Language.

One of the fifth sense which has communicant function


Language is a grace given by God to all human being. Through the language, man could communicate each other. They can talking, discussing, making opinion, and even learning. Language brings human to learn the universe, observe new things, discover something, learn the right way or wrong way, learn to understand and be understood about any logical and feelings thing philosophically, also learn to know their Creator and be grateful to Him, God Almighty.

One of the fifth sense which has audio function


There are more knowledge we can learn from every corner of the world. Through the language, we can learn it all. But difference in language been barriers in learning, and stop the transfer of knowledge. Human knowledge is limited to languages they known. So, it is important to know some language even to understand them.

Bahasa Saya been made because I would like to share my knowledge about languages that I knew, also you could share about languages that you knew, so we can share each other.

Hopefully, Bahasa Saya could give you knowledge experiences about language matter, also we could talk, discuss, make opinion, and learn together through the language.

Please Enjoy.


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